The first time I’ve seen this arabian grape juice is in bangalore juice junctions. I wondered whether this is prepared from those grapes imported from saudi arabia. I tried it and it was awesome!! [except that the pulpy grape thing reminded me of something weird ;-)]. The juice was so exotic that, it reminded me of poonam pandey.

Anyways, I had done enuf amount of googling on the recipe. FYI, the grapes are not having any connection with Arabia. May be the recipe came from the creative hands of veiled Arabian women. But, I sincerely don’t think that the recipe would be as sweet and cool [obviously juice cant be hot] as them. 😉

Preparation: Get some good grapes, wash it, boil in hot water for around 5 minutes. [Get the exact timing from trial and error] . After boiling, the seeds will be sedimented in the bottom. The pulp will be hanging in the middle portion and the skin of grape will be on top. Sometimes u may need to squeeze the pulp out from some grapes. Remove the seeds and skins. Take the pulp in a bowl. The skin can be grind-ed to have some juice. Mix that juice with some amount of sugar and chill the mixture. Serve the juice mixed with the pulp.