About Me

Thanks for showing interest in knowing more about me.. 😉
I am a normal person,just like most of you , who wishes to be called a cool guy.
I will mention some stunts that I’ve performed and some facts about me, so that u will get more closer to me.
-> I have eaten 22 chapatis once.
-> I have killed my kitten by throwing it down from my terrace. [Was experimenting whether it will land in 4 legs]
-> I watched vijay’s movie(South indians would know) on release day.
-> I once called santhosh pandit on phone (Keralites would know)
-> I have more than 15 gmail accounts with the same password.
-> I can swim across cheruthoni check dam.
-> I dont like north indians [no reason]
-> I can speak multipe languages with single toungue.[doesn’t include Braille,since I’m not rajinikanth]
-> I will start sleeping before the halftime while watching hollywood movies.

-> I have taken 1 week to write this section and this is the first line that I wrote in this page.


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